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Are you looking for a reliable lawn care service in Blairsville, GA? If you are, your search is over, because Dyer offers the finest lawn service in town. Our company is able, as well as willing, to make sure that your lawn is healthy and green. We believe that no lawn is like another, which is why we customize our services to suit the individual needs of your lawn. We are determined to provide a top quality service at a competitive price.

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Dyer has been serving the residents of Blairsville, GA since 2004. Our friendly but professional lawn care service has earned us a wonderful reputation in our community. Our lawn maintenance specialists are very good at what they do and can give you the lawn of your dreams.

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Lawn Care

Lawn mowing is a basic lawn maintenance procedure, which we have mastered to perfection. The blades of our mowers are always sharp. This ensures that the ends of the grass blades do not become brown. Another trick that we employ to banish the color brown from your lawn is using a clipping catcher. In this way, the clippings don’t fall on the ground, wilt there, change their color and prevent the fertilizer as well as weed killer from penetrating the soil. Thus, a lawn remains verdant for as long as possible.

Except for lawn mowing, other types of lawn service that we perform are aeration and fertilization. In the spring, we aerate the lawn to allow water and fertilizer to get to the grass roots more quickly. Another thing that we do in this season is fertilize the lawn with a blend of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Then, we continue with the fertilization throughout the entire year, at certain time intervals. When the lawn is growing, we treat it with a special product that does not allow weeds to grow.

Lawn MaintenanceWe also do mulching, liming, bush hogging and pest control. We know the insect control products that are safe for your children and your pets. Your lawn should be a place for play and relaxation and not a source of worries. Our friendly and knowledgeable lawn consultants will readily answer all of your questions regarding the products that we use.

All year long, we are ready to give your lawn the tender loving care it deserves. When you need a reliable and professional service, you can count on us. Our expert lawn technicians will make sure that your lawn is well manicured and has a fresh green color that you and your family will enjoy for as long as possible. They will take care that your lawn is regularly watered and mowed.

You can count on us to turn your lawn into a soft green carpet which will adorn your yard. We will provide you with a place where your children can be close to nature and play safely. Have an award-winning yard with our services. Call Dyer in Blairsville, GA today, at (706) 745-1201, for the finest lawn care in town. We will come to your place to assess the condition of your lawn and create a plan suited to its needs.

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by Sam Cornell on

I believe you are the only, truly professional landscaping company, I have ever hired. Thank you for your expert assistance. My gardens look outstanding!